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Why do Dance Stars wear DanceAmo?

Simple! Because a top dancer demands performance, innovation & style from their shoes, which is exactly what our PRO Range is renowned for. 

In addition, DanceAmo makes a range of dance shoes to suit most  dance enthusiasts.  Click here for an overview  of our range.

DanceAmo has several things in common with the dance stars such as:

  • We live and breath dance.
  • We hope to inspire & motivate you to discover the benefits of dance. 
  • We need a dance partner (in DanceAmo's case your feet!) to do what we do best....Dance.


 Ola Jordan from Strictly Come Dancing


Brendan Cole , Matthew & Nicloe Cutler Camilla Dallerup & Ian Waite from SCD  

Karina Smirnoff  from Dancing With the Stars



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